Setup for the airpointer APP

Before you can use the airpointer APP you need to configure your airpointer to be allowed to talk to the app. It is important to login as admin!

If you are a 'normal' user of the airpointer you just have to jump to step 3, thats it!

Step 1: Enroll to airpointer APP

You find in 'Setup -> Support Programs' the point 'Enroll in App Program' press <Enroll> You see some debug messages and 'Successfully enrolled your station!' in the last line.

Step 2: Add the user right 'Allowed to use App Program'

Create a new group or add the privileges 'Allowed to use App Program' to a user group. All users connected with this group are able to use the app then.

Step 3: Connect the airpointer APP on your smartphone with the airpointer

Using your smartphone hit the '+' buttom in your airpointer APP and press <open scanner>, now scan the QR Code and you are connected. In case you are using the browser version use copy-paste for the three strings.

Step 4: Configure the data sent to the APP

As default setup the most importand parameters are configured for the APP. You can click on a parameter to edit, delete or colors for the scale according to the value.

Please also have a look at rules & actions. With the new action 'airQapp' you can transmit messages to the smartphone. (Sometimes in a more reliable way than a SMS would be)

Give the system a few minutes to recognize your setup change! There is a lot of computer stuff between you with your smartphone and your airpointer ūüėä.

If you cannot see the menue point 'Support Programs', a software update will bring your airpointer to the actual version, including the APP support. A unit with the older (SuSE) operating system needs to be updated to the actual (Debian) operating system before.

If you have questions or remarks please open a Ticket here: