Boards used in airpointer:

Connecting boards:
Connect Board, Mini Connect Board

VavleHeater boards:
ValveHeater Board, ValveHeaterNOx, ValveHeater2, ValveHeater3

SensorInterface boards:
SensorInterface, SensorInterface2

Watchdog boards:

Modul specific boards:
COControl, FlasherSupply, OzonatorDriver, UVPS, UVPreAmp

Flow and Pressure sensors:
FlowSens, PressSens

Boards controlling air conditioner:

Miscellaneous boards:
PumpCtrl, SampleFilterBoard, AP DC/DC, LEDSwitch, MultiGas, ElectChem Board, BLDCPumpCtrl

Boards used in airQRATE:

CaliControl, UniBase, UVPS, UVPreAmp, IOBoard, StandBy

Boards used in airQLOG:

UniBase, Terminal, IOBoard, StandBy


List of address switches and jumper settings: Jumper settings


How to use the tools: Instruction_Board_Upgrade BoardConfig

New firmware of most boards is installed with WSD from Analog Device™
AnalogDevice Microcontroller Tools

WSD 7.0.5 (263 downloads )


Because LogSoft is now obsolet the configuration is now done with BoardConfig:

(Here is the old LogSoft if you have a XP computer only, all others should use BoardConfig!)