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Flowmeters are one of the most important tools to have to maintain an Airpointer. They are very accurate but quite expensive. Below is our recommendation:
Drycal Defender 510 0.05 l/min. → 5 l/min (~1500€)
Supplier: MesaLabs

Rotameters, even though much less accurate than flowmeters, are also much cheaper, and can still be useful for troubleshooting or checking the flow of calibration gas:
MR3000 from Key Instruments, 0.4 L/min → 5 L/min (~70€)
Supplier: RS; Part number: 198-2919
MR3000 from Key Instruments, 0.05 l/min. → 0.5 l/min
Supplier: RS; Part number: 198-2896

Pressure Sensor, the ambient pressure is used to calculate the concentration of the gas modules, a good pressure sensor helps to maintain these sensors. Another point you need a pressure sensor is checking the pump, specially after rebuilding.
We are using this type since years:
Digitron 2025P, the range is 0 to 2bar (absolute pressure) (~400€)
You can buy it for example at RS Components 313-0261

Oscilloscopes are useful to troubleshoot the CO module, as they allow to check among other things the frequency of the wheel rotations:
TBS1000 dual channel (~400€)
Supplier: Tektronix

Sprays are useful for different purposes:
Old electrical connectors can be brushed to remove the rust or slightly spread with contact cleaner:
KONTAKT 60 from CRC (~15€)
Supplier: RS; Part number: 823-2662

Rusty screws can be easier to unscrew using WD-40 (~10€)
Leaks in pressurized tubing can be detected using Snoop (~20€)

Hydraulic workshop cranes are essential to safely lift Airpointers, as Airpointers HC can weigh up to 180 Kg (from 200 to 500€)

Adapters: many modern laptops don't have serial (RS232) or ethernet (RJ45) ports anymore, and some modern monitors don't have VGA ports anymore. If it is the case with your equipment, you may need USB to serial and USB to ethernet adapters, as well as HDMI to VGA adapters. They are cheap and can be found in any electronic shops