AQI = Air Quality Index

Since a while we have a solution for all customers searching for a easy way to display the results of the air quality measurements to the general public in an understandable form. We implemented an air quality index based on USEPA, EN or German regulation/calculations. The user can choose one of these default setups and can configure this default to her/his needs. You can find an example on our “Garden” airpointer here:

Garden Airpointer AQI

An example how easy the airpointer AQI page can be integrated into your institute’s web page using iframe is shown here:

 AQI Example Site 

The complete documentation how to setup the AQI to your needs you can find here:


If you want this option on your airpointer or your airQlog please ask your distributor for an offer, you will see it is affordable.

With best regards, Andreas

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