Datalogging Protocols

To connect an instrument to a data logger on a digital interface both units needs to talk the same protocol or “language”. The airQlog, the airpointer and the airQrate have the same data logging possibilities build in. Besides some standard protocols we have default configurations for some hundreds of instruments. If you can find a default configuration for the instrument you need to connect you can configure it into the data logging device with a few clicks. If you cannot find the instrument you want to connect please talk with your distributor, maybe we can add it.

Ambient air measuring devices

Meteorological sensors

Water quality measuring device

Interfacing devices

Special, Raw Protocols, System Devices

If you have different devices communicating using USB, you can make sure that they don't conflict by following this guidelines:
USB - It's complicated

For customers using analog inputs we have a little help here. It is a little Excel Sheet for calculating from voltage to engineer’s unit.

Download “Calculate Slope and Offset for analog inputs”

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