Some procedures added

Hello everybody,
Some repair and troubleshooting procedures were recently added online.
You can find them here:
The list is not exhaustive, but there are already a lot of helpful documents. The Airpointer is always evolving, and therefore so are the procedures.
Keep an eye on, and if you don't find what you need, do not hesitate to contact the MLU-Recordum support team for help!

How do I know which Airpointer housing I need?

Hello everybody,
The Airpointer housing comes in 3 different sizes: 2D, 4D, and HC. Some housings can hold a PM monitor, others can't. Some can handle very high outside temperatures, but not all of them. Some can have 2 analyzers in one drawer, but it depends on several parameters...

You are confused? Then go to, download the excel file, answer the 4 questions, and it will tell you what you need.



Many schematics are now available:

The electrical wiring diagrams of the base units (4D and HC) and for the 5 most common airpointer modules (O3, CO, SO2, NOx, H2S):

And the pneumatic diagrams, also for the base units and for the 5 most common airpointer modules (O3, CO, SO2, NOx, H2S):

All these documents are in pdf format and can either be viewed online or downloaded.

Best regards,
Kevin Clarke.