Read the indications below or download PDF Step 2.

Now let's start

1) The device should put in an upright position (e.g. the name ‘airpointer ’ is readable and the sample inlet opening is on the top.

2) Open the main door and check for internal shipping damage.

CAUTION: The door opens with gas-pressure damper. Hold it down with one hand and open it slowly.

CAUTION: When opening the main door take care that you have enough space to open the door.

CAUTION: When an 2D or 4D airpointer with only a 1 or 2 drawers inside is opened it could fall because the door is quite heavy.

3) Included with airpointer there is a printed record of the final performance characterization performed on your instrument at the factory.

! The included printed record is an important quality assurance and calibration record for this instrument. Please preserve it.

4) Check the interior of airpointer to make sure all circuit boards and other components are in good

shape and properly seated.

CAUTION: Printed Circuit Assemblies (PCA) are static sensitive. Electrostatic discharges, too small to be felt by humans, are large enough to destroy sensitive circuits. Before touching PCA, fasten a properly installed grounding strap to your wrist or touch a bare metal part of the housing to discharge any electrostatic potentials.Never disconnect electronic circuit boards,wiring harnesses or electronic sub-assemblies while the unit is under power.

5) Check the connectors of the various internal wiring harnesses and pneumatic hoses to make sure they are firmly and properly seated. Verify that all optional hardware ordered with the unit has been installed. These are checked on the printed list shipped with the analyzer.

CAUTION: If you modify anything inside the airpointer, check that the airpointer is unplugged!

6) After making sure that there is no shipping damage exits, remove the two red colored shipping screws from the bottom of the pump from the outside of the airpointer before you switch on your airpointer. DO NOT reach inside the ventilation blades of the pump! Save these shipping screws.

! Close the main door and secure the airpointer if necessary.